Caring For Your Vinyl Siding

A low maintenance and durable material, vinyl siding is an increasingly popular home exterior. Even though it is a low maintenance material, you will still want to clean your vinyl siding from time to time. Just make sure you know about the best cleaning methods before you get started. Follow the tips from the vinyl siding professionals at Coyote Siding and Windows and your vinyl siding will last a lifetime.

Simple maintenance cleaning of your vinyl siding is fairly straightforward. Use a long-handled brush with soft bristles or a soft cloth to wipe it down with soap and water. If your vinyl siding has textured surfaces to it, you will want to use only the brush with soft bristles so as to avoid wiping stains into the grooves with a cloth. Start with the vinylsiding at the bottom of your house and work your way up. This will help to prevent streaking from the soapy water running down your house. If you have other materials, such as brick, on parts of your home, cover them so that runoff from your vinyl siding will not affect it. Lastly, always make sure you rinse the area before the cleaning solution dries.

If you want to speed the process of cleaning your vinyl siding along, you can buy or rent a power washer. First of all, however, make sure you have read the instructions on the power washer thoroughly. Second, always make sure you use the power washer at eye level. If you try to point upward, you may end up with water and cleaning solution behind the vinyl siding. These can later leak and cause streaks that can eventually lead to decay.

vinyl siding

From time to time, you may find spots of mold or mildew on your vinyl siding. If these spots are small, then you can simply use a name brand household cleaner. Just always be sure to test it on a small portion of your vinyl siding in an inconspicuous place to make sure it will not damage it at all. If, however, the spots of mold or mildew are a little larger, you can use a solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water. Another common homemade solution is mixture of powdered laundry detergent, powdered household cleaner, liquid bleach, and water. It is best to just find the one that is most convenient and effective for you.

Not all vinyl siding stains, however, are mold or mildew. You may end up with dirt, soot, or even animal stains on the outside of your home. If that is the case, there are a number of general cleaners that are approved for use on vinylsiding. Check your local store for simple household cleaners, and then read the containers carefully to find out if they are effective and safe for use on vinyl siding and specifically on whatever the stain is that you have found on yourvinyl siding.

Increasingly, vinyl siding is a common home exterior. It is low maintenance, attractive, and easy to install. You may, though, from time to time need to clean your vinyl siding in order to keep it in good working condition. Before you do, make sure you understand what is necessary and what the proper procedure is so that your vinyl siding will look good and last a long time.

Rejuvenate Your Patio With A New Color Scheme

Everyone likes to have their house look nice, and with just a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, you can do it easily. By applying splashes of color, you can easily take your outside deck or patio, and jazz it up.

It might merely take your imagination to perk up the outdoor living spaces, by purchasing a few accent pieces that will make a bold statement. You’ll be able to even buy used pieces and renovate them to like new condition with a little work. The rest of this post is going to explain to you even more solutions to pep up your outside deck or patio.

Your backyard deck’s appearance will benefit greatly from a good power wash prior to applying a coat of paint or stain. It is a smart way to start with your color co-ordinations, like a bright color on your fence posts. You might then use another color for the border around the deck. Solutions to brighten up your outdoor deck or patio are only restricted by your imagination.

Decks usually are all about looks and this is particularly important when entertaining guests. Furniture that will fit the all-around color plan of your deck layout looks very pleasing. One of your outdoor patio corners will be made more interesting if it has a bar cart and glassware which are brightly colored.

If you have some old furniture that is wickerwork, you can change its look with its own paint job. Why don’t you be a little different and develop a pattern to paint on your old furniture with acrylic paints (these paints need to be protected with varnish). Look for an oblong pot or a galvanized bucket, that you’ll be able to paint a bright color with some design on the side.

You’ll be able to use this just for a fancy bucket for ice, for whatever you need cooled. You should keep food away from the surface, unless of course you are using paint that is safe for food. Patterns and colors might be themed based on a selected subject or location, the seaside for example, with its muted blues, greens and yellow plus interesting forms like starfish, seashells and fishes.

An interesting effect can be achieved if you paint the slats of a slatted table-top with varying shades of one color. Colors are solely a matter for your personal taste and the overall effect you want to achieve.

While you are spicing up your patio or deck area, you can make other things more colorful like window boxes, garden sheds and porches? You can add lighting that is exciting and fun to illuminate your patio area. Drooping trees or beams can be spots for strings of lights or colorful lanterns.

For those who have plain white vinyl furniture that not any longer goes with your new bright colors, you can paint them with special paint. Merely buy some new cushions and your staid vinyl chairs will be magically changed. Selecting your colors cautiously before you start to get the overall look right is very important. The finished colors may be subtle or exuberant depending on what your vision and tastes are.

Also, you might want to consider getting a professional company to help you bring your patio back to life. There are companies like Raleigh Renew Crew Clean who specializes in pressure power cleaning concrete patio areas as well as the other exterior parts of your home.