Refinish that concrete!

Resurface YOUR driveway (or patio or sidewalk)We find a lot of stuff that we jabber about on here.  Home improvements is the name of the game and we love our local companies.  There’s a lot that actually is encompassed in making a house a home though. From your yard and landscaping to the fine finishing details inside your humble abode.  Countertops are a favorite of ours – but the thing that you will probably be using EVERY day? Your driveway – and this will pretty much apply to sidewalks and patios too.  They get old, they get pitted and beat up.  Grease splattered and stuff dropped on them make them look just not so fancy after a few years.  So how DO you go about making your concrete look great again? Resurface it!

Your drive is the first impression to the area of your house. A cracked, chipped as of remodeling older houses, the tendency continues to grow drive can be a neglected enhancement job as a result of cost and the effort of replacing and removing the concrete or asphalt.  If you’re more of an indoor type (like me), a great company is below that I got to do my stuff.  However, you CAN do it yourself if you are thusly motivated. It’s not that expensive – in comparison to getting a company to come in and do it – and it can look pretty darned good.

Resurface using A Squeegee

— With a squeegee program that is simple, the Quikrete Concrete Resurfacer offers a long-lasting, wear-resistant surface built to resist significant traffic on sidewalks, paths, drives and patios. One 40-pound bag resurfaces about 90 square feet -inch depth.

And now, let’s make it happen!

— Start by cleaning the drive. This will make sure the concrete resurfacer correctly bonds using the surface that is existing.

— Follow the instructions in the tote until a pourable consistency is attained by combining the combination that is resurfacing with water.

— Pour on the concrete surface and after that carefully spread using a long handled squeegee.

— For a skid-immune finish that is professional, follow within 5 minutes using a sweeper making total strokes over the entire space of the existing work place without stopping.

— don’t cover unless immediate rain protection is essential. No sealer is demanded.

*If interested in a cosmetic finish, add desired Quikrete Cement Colour to merchandise mixture.

For thicker programs, make use of a trowel or use added thin layers used layer following the first squeegee application.

Bearing in mind that I’m more of an indoor construction kind of guy, we used our friends over at Ocmulgee Concrete Finishing for our stuff. They do a lot of commercial concrete work but do the projects here and there for a straight residential thing.  We’re lucky that way.  It was probably a slow day LOL.  Thanks guys!

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