Why Should You Consider Counter top Refinishing

Countertop refinishing, as an industry, is a current invention. For decades, people have sought to consider the easier, cleaner, and cheaper course of refinishing counter tops, instead of replacing. But it’sn’t been until recently that companies have came which specialize in this support.
Counter top Refinishing: If You Want to Keep Your Existing Counters

Typically, the center of kitchen counter tops is still great; it’s only the top millimeters of surface that have become yellowed or scratched over time. Why toss out all that good stuff just to gain a new top surface?
Refinishing a counter top basically means piCounter Aftercture the top–but with specially-formulated bonding agents and finishes.

Counter top Refinishing Essentials

Who Does It?: While you may be able to locate a few single professionals who do only counter-top refinishing, this work is mostly performed by shower and bath refinishing companies.

Quicker Than Countertop Replacement: It could take around 6 weeks to get new countertops installed, due to accessibility of stuffs (but the real replacing procedure only takes a day or 2). Countertop refinishers are usually accessible earlier. It’s often possible to contact one day and have it finished by the end of the following day.

Price of Refinishing: Counter top refinishing cost economies are excellent, although not drastically more affordable than replacement. You may anticipate to reduce the expense of countertop replacing by 50%. http://specializedrefinishing.com/

Duration of Finish:

Tile Grout: Take remember that when refinishing tile counter-tops, the grout is covered over from the newest finish.
Colour Matching…or Not: Similar to house painters, counter refinishers do an excellent job of fitting present shades, if this’s something which you need. Alternatively, you may choose to go a totally different route and switch colors. It’s your alternative.

Sorts of Countertops That May Be Resurfaced

This list is a great index of the sorts of countertop stuffs which can be refinished, as it comes from Miracle Procedure, a major counter refinisher:

  • Laminate (Formica)
  • Tile
  • Solid Area (Corian, Silestone, etc.)
  • Cultured Marble

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