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It is a house and 1 acre of property in a very convenient development in close proximity to aeroport Zagreb, beautiful surrondings, level of privacy, 2 hrs to travel the Adriatic coast and 30 minutes push Zagreb (capital), 1 km from the location location where the highway will be created right up to 2009, the wonderful investment as the price will likely increase the time, as soon as you make the interstate. Together (house acres) 123,000 only the good price. We have offered photographs. Be sure to contact for data and facts regarding how to sell on websites. Be careful, Edita. Indeed, we have the answer. I am a real estate agent in Baltimore. . And surrounding suburbs of Topeka. My son is also a representative in the state of Virginia. I will make known in my advertising and marketing always do every month, for their fees. I can not imagine that Google makes man or woman advertisings homes just like you are looking for.

The returns on investment in Croatia Real Estate are much better than the ROI (Return on Investment) in another asset class in many places ac. . .

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