Home Improvements

If you’re in the market for new siding but don’t know what to buy, just look around your neighborhood and take a quick survey of everyone’s exterior. Most likely you’ll find overlapping wood materials that seem sturdy and authentic. Or will you? Take a closer look and you may discover a hidden secret: what actually appears to be wood paneling is probably vinyl siding. Even in historic areas, this hard plastic material is by far the most prominent exterior on houses today. Why? Well, not only is it known for its durability and toughness, it’s also quick to install, comes in any style, and is very affordable. http://coyotesidingandwindows.com/

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors, they’re truly iconic. They’re certainly some of the most attractive and universally stylish flooring materials you can get. They have a long history of being the go-to flooring option for almost any room. One great thing about hardwood that seems simple but you may not have thought about is how sustainable they are! Hardwood floors are beautifully simple, made of high quality hardwood and with a strong protective seal on it, they can take a lot of beatings over many years. For more information, visit Flooring Fuquay Varina NC.

Resilient, Resistant, and On Sale

joco-home-for-sale-13166567_mlVinyl siding is constructed out of a PVC plastic resin, which makes it remarkably strong. Unlike metal or aluminum, it won’t rust, conduct electricity, or dent: even if a baseball hits it, the plastic simply bounces back. And unlike wood, it won’t warp, rot, or chip. It also holds up against the elements since it’s rain, sun, and wind resistant. It won’t wear down in the humidity nor become affected by air pollution. In fact, it’s so long-lasting (it can sometimes retain its physical qualities for up to 40 years) that many times it’ll come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. However, the real benefit of the material is its resistance to sticker shock. Since it’s manmade, it’s also one of the cheapest materials around. Plus, unlike aluminum or wood, vinyl siding installation is quick, easy, and undemanding, which also helps to reduce the overall price of the product.

Decorative Decisions

Another benefit of vinyl siding is its overwhelming range of styles, designs, and colors. Since it can be produced in any particular shade, it literally comes in any color to fit your exterior needs. But though it offers all the luxuries of plastic, a vinyl siding installation can still perfectly imitate the appearance of freshly painted wood for true authenticity. Even historic homes have succumbed to its convenience since it can perfectly replicate real wood paneling. It comes in different clapboard widths, horizontal and vertical styles, and even different textures (from smooth to wood grain). It’s also very elastic in order to achieve the right look for your house. Some manufacturers even offer a range of decorative classic millwork that coordinates with their systems, including door and window surrounds, shutters, corner posts, and dentil moldings.

 Vinyl Siding Maintenance

canstockphoto5762957But what will you have to do to keep it in good shape? Oddly enough, not much. It won’t attract termites or pests. If you hire the right people for the initial vinyl siding installation, it can act as a great insulator to protect your home against extreme temperatures (saving you additional money on energy bills). Also, you’ll never have to paint again. Since the entire product is cast in a certain color, the shade goes all the way through the material. Therefore, it’ll never peel, flake, or scratch like painted surfaces. Not only does this save you on aggravation and sore muscles, it can also save you from hiring a painting crew every few years. It may fade every 5-10 years, but you’ll simply need to buy an occasional replacement panel instead a whole new exterior. But you should clean it once a year (a power washer can help, but a hose does the trick). Also, though the paneling is maintenance-free, the rest of your house may not be: if you have wooden shutters, metal doors, or aluminum trim, you’ll still need to tend to these specific areas of the home.

The Drawbacks

First off, it’s durable but not impenetrable. If it is grazed by a lawn mower or snow blower, it will get chewed up and crack. If there are high winds and the paneling isn’t fully secured (usually due to a faulty install), it’ll come off. And when it comes to PVC, there is no patchwork: entire panels will need to be replaced. Also, if not properly installed, it can leak, which then makes it vulnerable to all the elements it is meant to avoid: rot, infestation, and decay (some installers even put weepholes into the underside of the panels to avoid water buildup). Also, PVC paneling appears on 90% of homes in America, which means if you want your house to stand out on its own this isn’t the product for you. However, since it comes in so many different sizes, textures, and colors you have a lot of options to still be different within the same exact medium. For the best Raleigh vinyl siding, give our friends at Coyote Siding and Windows a call, today!

Moving Company

We all have to move things from time to time, whether it be to a new home, from an old home to the landfill, or in a commercial setting. Sometimes you just need the help of a professional moving company to get it all done in a safe and timely manner. That’s where your local moving company comes in. We believe that you get the highest quality in moving services from smaller moving companies, not those huge moving companies, to them you’re just “another job”. When you work closely with a smaller local company, you can trust that they’ll treat all of your belongings as if they were their own. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to do a good job, and that’s okay! Contact Moving Raleigh NC for more information.

Junk Removal

We know that junk removal isn’t the most glorious business, but we are extremely proud of how we’re able to make it more sustainable. Sustainability is the name of the game these days, even being just a bit better yield on your recycling makes a massive difference overall. With the sheer amount of junk thrown out these days, it’s important that we re-use what we can. You often never even think you’ll need a junk removal service until you’re so overwhelmed by junk that you have no idea where to start. For more details, be sure to visit Junk Pick-up Cary.

Furniture Repair

We all have some pieces of furniture that we favor more than others, likely a select few heirlooms that you’d take with you anywhere you go. A lot of us also have cheap furniture that we don’t really care about either way, and for a lot of us once we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it, it’s time to just get rid of it. The more expensive or sentimental items are well worth the price of repair/refinishing though. Furniture repair is able to take your old stuff from looking broken down and used to looking like it just came off the factory line. Visit Antique Furniture Repair Atlanta for any information you need!

Tree Services

Regardless of if you’re living in a small home nestled near the woods or a business office surrounded by woods, you need to keep your yard up to snuff and your landscaping looking as good as you can. Nothing makes a bigger impression on first time customers or visitors than just the appearance of the place you’re going, it tells you a lot about the people or business you’re about to interact with. Caring for your trees and property in general is well worth the time and people WILL take notice! For more info, visit Tree Pruning Gastonia NC.

Direct Mailing

A lot of people think of mail in general as being a thing of the past, but it’s probably used more today than ever. It still has one of the highest rates of return of all types of marketing, believe it or not. They’re exceptionally useful for local businesses to advertise in their service area. From letting people know that you’re new to the area to sending out offers and trying to expand your clientele a bit. With bulk mailing, you at least know that people are going to look at your offer, whereas a bulk email is going to be filtered or ignored. People are just surrounded by such a massive amount of advertising these days, they do all they can to stay away from it when they have the choice to. Bulk mail also isn’t just your average postcard with an offer or some text on it. It can be designed and printed in as many colors and designs as you want so you can really grab the eye of people. It’s good to stand out and make people notice you, otherwise you’ll be lost in the daily shuffle. Contact Direct Mail Columbia NC for any additional information.

Computer Repair

Uh oh. Your PC is making a new sound. That’s going to make anyone’s stomach drop a bit, that’s a scary and unfortunate thing to happen for anyone. If you own a computer, it’s going to happen at some point, like it or not. PCs aren’t something that you buy and just use until they break – they’re more like a vehicle. Your PC is going to require regular updating, regular care, and regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and as you like it. Things like software updates, operating system updates from Microsoft, driver updates, antivirus updates, backups and more. Neglecting any of these things is like skipping an oil change, you’re risking big things going wrong If you don’t do these things on a regular basis, you’re playing with fire – and you WILL end up getting burned. Hackers and viruses prey on the most unprotected machines out there first, so make sure that you’re NOT on the bottom of the totem pole. For more information, visit Computer Repair Raleigh.