Does bathtub refinishing actually work? Anyone ever considering refinishing a bathtub fixture has asked themselves this question. Refinishing firms address this question on a normal basis but the truthful response may surprise you. The reply is yes and no. Bathtub refinishing isn’t a enigma service and the process itself is not a secret. Refinishing is predicated on sound chemistry and meticulous preparation. The failure or success of each and every job is dependent upon the ability of the tech doing the refinishing as well as the quality of the goods they use.

5If you are familiar with tub and countertop refinishing, also called resurfacing or reglazing, you might know the numerous benefits refinishing can provide. In case you are already utilizing a reputable, professional refinishing company to upgrade your units, you likely would agree the answer is usually YES it actually works! Tub and countertop refinishing makes perfect sense if you need to update your fixtures but don’t possess the budget or the time for expensive replacement. Refinishing when done right will commonly decrease the expense of your job by at least two-thirds. A complete unit can be carried out in under a day and is usually ready for use in 24 hours or less.

Refinishing is a “green” procedure:

The top part of refinishing is that because you are not replacing your current fixtures, there’s no sloppy demolition – which leads to our local landfills. That’s right, refinishing is considered a sustainable and green service! In addition, technology has come quite a distance in the last several years and lots of businesses are actually using safer, non toxic, more environmentally friendly substances which are not only better for the world but also safer for your residents.

When refinishing does not work:

So, when does refinishing not work and when should other alternatives be contemplated? It’s generally concurred that quite a few fixtures shouldn’t be refinished. Kitchen sinks really are a greatly employed fixture plus a refinished sink may have a tough time holding to the demands placed on it. Unless set in a tile countertop, they are ordinarily not expensive to replace and may normally be installed by a great maintenance engineer in just a couple of hours.

Rusted fixtures are likewise not advocated to be refinished as rust will ordinarily return and could shorten the lifespan of the refinished surface. Toilets and flooring are considered less favorable refinishing surfaces as well, though they could be done with success below the right circumstances. But, the most common refinishing failure doesn’t have anything related to the fixture itself but instead the preparation of the surface being refinished as well as the true quality of the use.

Refinishing isn’t a DIY project:

Bathtub refinishing isn’t a good ‘do it yourself’ endeavor. Many failures occur from inexperienced companies or a tech’s insufficient preparation and spraying technique along with the use of inferior materials or methods. Hiring an established, professional company that is licensed, insured, and bonded can function as the safest way to assure that your refinishing projects will probably be successful.

Finally, get involved with the process. The more you know about bathtub refinishing and the company you select to provide the work, the better your chances of insuring that your units will be refinished properly. Don’t pick your refinisher based on price alone; in the bathtub refinishing business you usually get what you pay for and choosing the wrong company could end up costing a lot more down the road. If you’re looking for the best Raleigh countertop refinishing company give our friends at Specialized Refinishing a call, today!