Raleigh Towing Information

Heavy_duty_towing_raleighThere are a lot of things to consider when you’re towing your car: Is the coach vehicle (the one doing the towing) at least 750 pounds (about 340 kg) heavier than the auto in tow? Are the brakes of the lead vehicle capable of bringing both vehicles to an entire stop without terrifying the passengers involved? If not, then an aftermarket braking system would be a wise investment. These systems use the electric impulse generated by the lead auto to apply the car in tow’s brakes equally. Breakaway brakes perform a similar function, using the auto in tow’s brakes in case it becomes unattached to the lead auto.

All of these are significant concerns to consider before you hop into your lead vehicle and tow your car away into the sunset. It is also vital that you practice with towing a car before taking your caravan out on your way. Driving with a car in tow is an entirely different experience from regular driving, although a lot of folks think they will come by it naturally. This isn’t always the situation; instead it is advisable to practice maneuvers like turning and backing up in wide, open spaces. Parking lots work nicely for practicing these maneuvers. http://www.unlimitedrecoverytowing.com/

There is also the consideration of what way of towing best suits you. In this post, we will explore three methods of towing your car – flatbed towing, two-wheel towing and flat towing. Every one of these approaches has its positives and negatives. Some are safer, but more expensive than others. Some demand you disconnect parts of the car before you take it out on the road. Others require special attachments.

Is your head swimming yet? Relax. We’re here to assist you to pick what towing approach suits you best. Read the next page to learn about the first method, flatbed towing.

Flatbed Auto Towing

towing-companyFlatbed towing is but one method to go when you are trying to get your auto from point A to point B. This sort of towing frequently involves a specialized truck that’s — you guessed it — a flat bed in the rear. You’ve probably seen a flatbed tow truck if you’ve ever been stranded on the side of the road and called a tow service.

Flatbed towing is among the safest ways to transport an automobile. There are many services that offer long haul towing of your vehicle. Some services pick up several cars in one region that are all headed to a similar destination. Adding your auto to a big draw can save you money, but hiring a hauling company can be incredibly expensive; it’s typically used for one-time transportation of a high-end car.

Flatbed trailers normally have four wheels — most frequently put together at the middle of the trailer to balance the weight of the car above and prevent rocking during towing. Loading is generally easy. You just drive your car up the back ramps to the trailer, park it, fasten it to the trailer and go.

Unlike towing with dollies or tow bars (we’ll get to those shortly), flatbed trailers do not demand any particular alterations to the car’s power train — the part of the car that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. Aside from the hitch needed on tow vehicles, you also do not need to purchase any additional parts to tow the car. With a flatbed trailer, the auto in tow does not take any wear or tear during the excursion as it would if you drove it yourself, since all four wheels are off the ground, the engine components are not proceeding and the keys are safely from the ignition. For Raleigh towing companies, call Unlimited Recovery Towing.

There are some drawbacks to towing with four wheels off the earth rather than with dollies or tow bars. Flatbed trailers are generally heavier, which falls gas mileage for the coach vehicle. Some high-end models come with their own brakes, but a mid or lower-class of flatbed trailer that utilizes the coach vehicle’s brakes can wear them down due to the addition of the trailer’s weight to the gross total weight (the weight of the coach, the towed vehicle, the trailer, passengers, fuel and anything else on board — all of which must be halted by the coach vehicle’s brakes).

Price is, in addition, a consideration; a great flatbed trailer can easily set you back thousands of dollars. For ease of use and babying your car, nonetheless, a flatbed trailer is undoubtedly the way to go. If you have got a car you wouldn’t pick over your spouse if forced, then perhaps you should look into a less expensive means of transporting it.